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How Does Your Network Security Compare to Homeland Security’s Hacker Protocol? They Still Get Hacked…

It’s undoubtedly safe to assume that the homeland security hacker protocol is a substantial upgrade from that of the typical American business. Their security teams are hard at work 24/7 detecting new threats. Yet, their networks are constantly under cyber attack.

The Internet – A Blessing and a Curse

The Internet of Things has been a game-changer. Smartphones, smart cars, smart TVs, smart toys, smart refrigerators, security systems, many implanted medical devices and innumerable other objects are all vulnerable to hackers. The internet enriches everyone’s life and provides the essential infrastructure for businesses of all sizes and types, but it’s vulnerabilities also expand.

Business Scanners Offer a Back Door to Business Networks

Israeli researchers have reported on a new threat to businesses, reported The Homeland Security News Wire. It was discovered as part of a project to identify new network vulnerabilities. Their findings sound as if they came out of a James Bond movie.

The flatbed scanners found in offices around the world can be hacked with lasers from as far as a half-mile away. Scanners could also be compromised by a drone flying near the building. The researchers were able to successfully access the network through the scanner and trigger a malware attack. The researchers found that a laser and a smart bulb could create back doors into business networks.

The researchers demonstrated how a smart light bulb could be hijacked by a smartphone signal. Using a program the researchers wrote – that could have been written by an experienced hacker – the smart bulb emitted light pulses that were picked up by the scanner, sending the “go” message to the malware in the network.

The researcher’s solution was far from ideal. They recommended using a proxy server to connect scanners to business networks. This would prevent a clandestine attack through an external light source, but would also prevent remote printing and faxing on all-in-one devices.

Business Need Cyber Security Experts

Today, it seems as though every web design or IT agency offers network security monitoring. That’s a good thing and better than any off-the-shelf security package. However, it’s not usually good enough.

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